Thursday, March 4, 2010

The hunger for more

Over the last couple years, I am feeling the birth of a desire to more directly help relieve the pain and suffering of those most in need in the world. I have been teaching in college for the past 22 years and lately have experienced more and more students exhibiting a rudeness and discourtesy I would have never dreamed of performing for my own professors, or anyone else, for that matter. Mind you, this isn't a majority of my students...most are wonderful young men and women. But dealing with the obnoxious students is beginning to wear me down and make me feel that I am merely babysitting a bunch of over-entitled, over-privileged, and overgrown kids. I don't like feeling this way...I find it disturbing and disheartening. I feel less and less like what I am doing is worthwhile. I am beginning to think when I retire I will join the Peace Corps or some similar organization and try to take my skills where they will be truly useful.

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