Sunday, December 28, 2008

Elders (that means us:), support young people in their endeavors

This is the first day of a new semester for me and year 21 of my teaching career. Our society and its pressures are harder on this generation (born in 1990!) than ever before. Whenever you meet a young person, encourage them with a smile or a comment of support for their role as a college student or in the workforce. 18 year olds get a bad rap. Most of the ones I know work, go to school, have relationships, pay for a car, and in some cases, help support their parents, take care of their elderly grandparents or great-grandparents. If you get to know some young people, sign up on Facebook and send them supportive messages or send care packaes to their dorms. Not everyone has grandparents still living or parents who are supportive.
Blessings all,


ps. Oh, yes, and say a prayer for their teachers.